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*Requires future phone software update to support third-party call headset control

You can use Auto-Answer with the headset or the handset. Please call us if you have any questions or wish to make a reservation over the phone. When attendant routing is used, the first call in the queue rings all call agents at the same time. When setting up multiple auto attendants you may only assign a phone number to the main auto attendant’s resource account, which can direct callers to your call queues or nested auto attendants. *Requires future phone software update to support third-party call headset control. Finally, when the term refers to options contracts, holding a call gives you the right to buy the underlying instrument at a specific price by a specific date. You create a resource account as described in Manage resource accounts in Teams if you want your call queue to have an associated phone number. The first call agent to pick up the call gets the call. Only one incoming call notification (for the call at the head of the queue) at a time goes to the call agents. All new and existing call queues will have attendant routing selected by default. The resource account may or may not be associated with a service toll or toll-free phone number for the call queue, but each call queue requires an associated resource account. You would associate a phone number to a call queue using a resource account. If you want or need to assign a Domain you would do so by assigning it to the resource account for the call queue. Call agents who are Offline, have set their presence to Do not Disturb, or have opted out of the call queue will not recieve calls. When the maximum number of calls is reached When the call queue reaches its maximum size (set using the Maximum calls in the queue setting), you can choose what happens to new incoming calls. Enabling this option allows all agents in this queue to start or stop receiving calls from this call queue at will. For instance, you will be able to use your existing iPhone headset that you may already have. Every call queue is required to have an associated resource account. Philips created this simple and nifty app to be your ultimate Philips headset companion. Before you can create and set up your call queues, you need to get or transfer your existing toll or toll-free service numbers. Or purchase comfortable computer headset with iPhone-style plug. If there aren’t any listed, you need to get service numbers and assign them to a Resource account before you can create this call queue, as described earlier. In those situations, you create all auto attendants and call queues in your system without assigning dialpad options, and then edit the settings later.